TEN DAYS IN VENICE an Impression STEPHEN J. WHITE | Make Your Own Book

Art is my life, I have exhibited in many outsider exhibitions. I have a need to create, I could go as far to say it is an obsession.

I intend the paintings I produce should be objects in their own right. Existing in space and time. They are there because I have created them, bringing them into the world. My work is pictorial and of something, but the form is only a vehicle for producing the marks. I think an individual mark can have beauty in its own right. Marks that depict something are living communicating something to the viewer.

Even  though I have been influenced by artists like Willem de Kooning, George Baselitz, Frank Auerbach and the Scottish Colourists,I intend to bring some originality to what I do. I have not as yet limited may work to a set style and maybe I never will witch would limit the way I express myself. Having said that my work has some similarities, one being a liveliness in the way the materials are applied.

I wont to make people dance when they look at my pictures.


Solo Exhibition

Ten Days In Venice

Pallant House Gallery


2nd to 28th August 2011

Private view

4th August  18:00– 20:00

All welcome